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What’s the difference between LCD and LED? Everything Explained!

difference between lcd and led
difference between lcd and led

LCD stands for “liquid crystal display” and LED, which stands for “light-emitting diodes,”. The difference between lcd and led in both is LCD uses the liquid crystal or plasma for the emission of light and LED uses those light-emitting diodes for the emission of light. Simply LED’s diodes do not require any kind of backlight to lit them up but light in LCD always comes from the back.

in an LED screen the light particles of emitting diodes can be placed either at the back of the screen or at the edges of the screen. On the other hand in an LCD light screen or plasma is always at the end. The difference in the placement of light simply means LED TV screens can be thinner or slimmer as compared to the screen of LCD. It also means that the LED can produce clearer, brighter and deeper pictures in quality as compared to LCD. They are more energy-efficient as well.

Change in Technology

lcd and led tvs! technology change

TVs have come a long way from black and white to color now from LCD to LED. Earlier there were TVs that are huge and heavy after the invention of LCD TVs. They have completely become lightweight and thinner and more enhanced in technology.

It comes into existence after when a new state was discovered which is in between solid and liquid states names as “liquid crystal”. The molecules in this state are stored in between the solid but in fluid form like a liquid.


LCD televisions are extra thin and light in weight. Like normal LCD TV is hardly 3 inches in thickness and some LCD TVs are even 1 inch thick. The image that is produced in LCD TVs is better than the old CRT television models. LCD TVs are more energy efficient as they save 20-30% of energy.

LCD TVs do not produce light on their own. It has to depend upon the light from the backend of the TV. Millions of tiny shutters are placed as a layer to control the passage of light to the screen.


LED TVs, on the other hand, do not use fluorescent lights means they do not get dependent upon the backlight and they produce their own light. The meaning of LED is light-emitting diodes which means all these tiny diodes can produce their own light.

Another difference is in the placement of both like fluorescent lights have to be placed always at the end of the TV but these tiny diodes can be placed either at the backend of on the edges of the screen.

The LED TVs can be thicker than the LCD and with less thickness, they are lighter in weight as well. They also produce more amazing color combinations and crisp images than LCD screens. In terms of energy LED TVs are more helpful in saving more energy. If an LCD TV can save up to 20-30% of energy than LED TV can save up to 50% of energy.

Lights on the edges have a problem in the viewing angle and the backlight at the end of LCD allows you a better experience in any viewing angle. But the LED TV which has the light diodes in the end definitely produces better quality and with no to less problem in viewing angles.

Comparison Chart of LED vs LCD

Basis of Comparison LEDLCD
Stand ForLight Emitting Diode Liquid Crystal Display
ResolutionHigh Low
Material Gallium arsenide phosphide. Liquid crystals and glass electrodes.
Switching Time FastSlow
Direct Current Do Not EffectsReduces Life Span
Contrast Ratio LowHigh
MercuryNot used Used

Key Differences Between LED and LCD

  1. The resolution of LED TVs is much better than LCD TVs. Resolution is the total number of pixels on the screen of the TV.
  2. The display area in LED TVs are less as compared to LCD because LCD has a backlight and light can be displayed in many directions, on the other hand, LED TVs are based on diodes and they display the light only in one direction.
  3. The cost of LED is more as compared to LCD TVs.
  4. The colors are more bright on LCD TVs.
  5. The switching time for LED TVs is less as compared to LCD TVs.


These both are modern technologies. But LED TVs are more efficient and have many advantages over LCD TVs that is why these are mostly used these days.


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