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What is Refresh Rate?

what is refresh rate
meaning of refresh rate in TV

All the video content that we watch on our TV like movies, games, videos, etc. All this is nothing but images which are refreshing itself at a certain speed. The refresh rate is simply how many times an image is redrawn or how many times an image refresh itself per second.

It is measured in Hertz which is denoted as Hz. frame rate is also the concept that is similar to refresh rate and they often confused. They both are similar because they both denote the number of time static image is displayed on the screen. 

But there is a difference in both of them like refresh rate explains the video signals and frame rate is related to the content itself. 

It comes in definite hertz like 50 Hz, 60Hz, 120 or 240Hz. But as we all know the TV which has a 120Hz refresh rate is good as compared to 50 or 60 Hz TV. But it is true in theory only as of the image refresh itself twice as compared to others. There is very little content that is available at this speed.

It depends on the content as well, there are very few to no content creators which are creating content at such great quality. 


what is refresh rate 30 -60 fps

When a 60fps video is played of two different refresh rate TV screens. The result would be almost the same as if it is played on a 120Hz refresh rate; or 60 Hz refresh rate the TV will double every frame or will adjust according to the content. 

The picture will be identical in both cases as the content is created on 60fps. It basically does not have any advantage over the motion blur as the content is created on 60ifs. 

The only advantage in this case the 120hz refresh rate has is the compatibility. The content is compatible or it can easily support the other high-quality content. What happens in most of the cases people consider 60hz when buying a new TV assuming it is early for 120Hz refresh rate but after few months or a year the when the content will start to upgrade itself what will you do? 

Are you gonna purchase a new TV, NO! so it is better to prepare for the future and purchase the TV which is 120Hz. refresh rate. 


120-60 hz refresh rate

When you start consuming the 120HZ content like the Xbox or PlayStation games, you have the biggest advantage of the content. And the TV screen both support each other. Your TV experience will be enhanced by this, this is why all the gamers love the high-speed refresh rate on their TV screen. 


refresh rate features

The motion interpolation feature or the soap opera effect which almost all the Smart TVs have in them have the advantage of a higher refresh rate. When it is combined with the higher frame rate it started to display the more precise steps. 

You can easily enjoy the soap opera in more defined frames and in more defined and precise steps. It will benefit because the soap opera feature has a higher refresh rate which matches the quality of the TV.


As most of the people do not have such an advantage of moving from 60Hz to 120Hz. Unless you have the content which supports this level or the Soap opera feature on your TV. Same in the case of gamers, unless you are playing such high defined games on gaming boxes there is no need for you to get that model.

But on the other hand, as the technology is changing at an immense pace; so as the content is updating itself people will start making the content in 120 frame rate very soon. So it is better if you want to purchase a new TV must consider the 120Hz model once. The difference in their quality is huge but the budget does not have such big of a difference. 

Both models have a difference of a few bucks. 


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