Shopping Solution is an initiative that aims to help residential customers to reduce their hassle for purchasing Electrical appliances and consumption thereby reducing the monthly outflow of money towards electricity bill. The benefits of the initiatives are many folds:

1) People save money on their electricity bills.

2) Reduced energy consumption reduces our increasing dependence on a depleting resource: coal.

3) Reduced energy consumption from urban areas can help reducing energy poverty in rural areas.

4) By burning less coal, we will reduce CO2 emissions, thereby protecting the environment.

5) Reducing hassle while choosing Home Appliances.

Shopping Solution’s mission is to provide consumers the right kind of information so that they can make an informed decision towards their electricity consumption.

Shopping Solution’s Team

Arun Sandhal

Arun worked with several Consulting for almost 5 years before starting Shopping Solution in 2019. During his stint with several companies, he managed several large scale business transformation projects with various Fortune 100 companies with work spanning multiple countries and continents. A technology enthusiast, amateur photographer, he likes doing everything creative. Rising electricity costs in Punjab and high consumption by neighbors got him thinking that there is a lot of scope of helping others reduce their electricity bills. He also realized that by helping others reduce electricity bills will also do well to the environment. He thereby decided to use his technology skills to help people reduce their electricity bills.

Along with Shopping Solution, he also runs Online Articles (www.onlinearticles.co) which is a portal for sharing latest news/articles.