qled vs oled tv

QLED vs OLED, Difference and Everything you must know about these technologies

QLED and OLED these technologies have nothing in common except for their names. There are completely different from each other. Whenever you...
what is refresh rate

What is Refresh Rate?

All the video content that we watch on our TV like movies, games, videos, etc. All this is nothing but images which...
WCG ( Wide Color Gamut)

What is WCG (Wide Color Gamut) and how it improves Picture Quality?

WCG Wide Color Gamut is the most amazing feature on a TV which makes it look more real than others. A few...
what is hdr

What is HDR in TV? How it impacts TV Picture Quality?

HDR is the high dynamic range and it is the latest technology in 4k LED TVs and 4k content. This term originates...
How to convert your non smart LED TV into Smart LED TV

How to Convert Non-Smart LED TV Into Smart LED TV?

Do you own a TV?, well probably you do..but it is a Smart TV or a normal TV? I know it's hard...
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